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About Us

Tolue is an Anglo-Iranian charity whose purpose is to give financial assistance to cancer sufferers in Iran who would otherwise not be able to afford medical treatment and care. We work directly with medical professionals in Iran at the point of care and we guarantee that any funds raised shall reach individual patients and their families.


In Iran, the quality of medical care is high, even by international standards. Iran’s medical professionals and its hospitals deliver high standards in the investigation, diagnosis and treatment of cancer. With appropriate medical intervention, many cancer patients in Iran are able to overcome the illness, and return to their normal lives.


Unfortunately however, people’s access to the best care and medicine is limited by their ability to pay.  The national health system in Iran is unlike the NHS in the UK; so the level and availability of clinical treatment and aftercare comes down to individuals’ financial means.  Although government-funded hospitals pay for the majority of the cost of patient treatment, many low-income and even middle income families are still unable to pay for the cost of the remainder.  The inevitable result is that many cancer sufferers go untreated, sometimes with fatal consequences.  We aim to remove the stresses caused by the inability of some patients to fund their treatment, and in some way to help ease their journey hopefully back to recovery.





Why was Tolue set up?


"The inspiration for this charity came from my darling sister, Ferial (Nasi to us).  She fell ill from cancer, and whilst fighting this disease herself with immense grace and courage, during the time she spent in hospital, she became aware that many patients around her could not find the extra money to fund their treatments beyond their initial diagnosis. This led her to use her own resources and to seek donations from those around her to directly help some individuals.  Ferial brought hope and happiness back into some lives through the kindness and generosity of hers and others.


In July 2013, Cancer stopped Ferial's breathing, and closed her eyes forever.  But Cancer could never extinguish her candle.  Even the sun could not compete for the brightness and energy her candle still shines into my life and the lives of every single member of our family.


I hope that the work she started will now continue through us, so that others afflicted can sense the beginning of many more days of health and happiness."  - Halleh Sheibeh 

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